1.     21 Club
      I knew this place was expensive so my wife and I ate here for Restaurant week $35 dinner. I would recommend that. The Appetizers are decent at best. But, our entrees the Salmon and I had the Pork belly were great. I saw the price of a single entree the same price of our whole meal per person. And the deserts were good but nothing special. Definitely don't go for the service very pretentious. Although I have to say they weren't as bad as below.

2.     Apiary

Classy EV little gem of the neighborhood restaurant.  Wk lovely menu Wife & I both had the Mushrm Soup Delicious better than Nougatine's soup hearty great Starter Added a Pasta course the Ricotta Ravioli hit the mark. Main wife had ATLANTIC MERLUZA the Salmon @ Noug was def better here still great. Duck was very Gd not best ever had but like a home cooked meal. Add Cheese course Fav of the night served w/ honey Perfect. End sad note desserts disappointed

3.     Ai Fiori 

Took my Wife & Friend out to eat celebrating a bonus @work. To start walked in very open rm sat in front on right I would recommend sit to left in back better front feels to open like in a Hotel which it is. Anyways Food Excellent

4.     Cacio e Vino 

Another Failed Zagat Dinner For some reason when I buy a pre-set coupon deal its for a reason the Restaurant Sucks. Sorry to Neighborhood fans but they need to find a new spot they served to start a sad looking salad. the Pasta was like spaghetti o's the

5.     Eataly 

Ate @ 2 of 9 Pesce where u literaly sit down & have people walk on top of u while u eat NOT fun. Food good sit @ bar. Pasta line too long. Ate @ Manzo thought the food was great app steak tartare, Pasta excellent & steak for dinner cook perfect. Went w/ wife during first week I see still crazy & assume it will be for a while. Reccommend any bar u can sit @ wine pour small & expense order a beer & pasta keep it simple. Or stick to ur local joint

6.     Geisha 

Went w/ a group of 6 great time very trendy not really my scene but fish very fresh Salmon app delicious & the rolls nothing special but not bad either Scene is what ur going for. Drinks pricey so good for a meet & greet have fun

7.     Ino 

Never was a fan of Panini always think of little sandwiches with no meat. This small cute spot takes it to a whole new level. Reasonable prices food/wine. Started with a bowl of olives w/ a Tramezzini aka small lite sandwiches - Goat cheese black olive & cucumber excellent. I had classic prosciutto, bel paese & sweet onion & my wife had half mortadella w/ goat cheese & aceto w/ salad. Dessert truffled egg toast. Unbelievable! I highly recommend

8.     Inoteca

Wine Tasting event a few wks back was well prepared & pared nicely w/ little tasty bites. The Service was welcoming & smooth. Would definitely go back but my favorite is ino of Jason Denton Classic Casual dining in NYC.

9.     Nougatine

One of the best meals I've had in NYC in a while/best Rest wk meal Ever. Start Potato Soup amuse bouche  Excellent App Shrimp & wife had Bean Soup both preferred Shrimp Not enough time for Soup to Develop Fla. Added in Foie Gras Brulee Exc Then Wife had Salmon best dish of the Night Carrots perfect add. I had Beef & Broc was Boring lacked Inventiveness better than Local Chinese Takeout but still here I expect more. Warm Choc cake perf Finish Z-26

10.  Kajitsu

This restaurant in knock ur socks off refined Japanese Food. I absolutely hate Eggplant & this place change my whole thought process on the Vegetable. A little pricey so I recommend the tasting menu for a special occasion & def quite and a little dull atmo in the back but food makes u forget all about it. Z-26

11.  Little Giant


Had Brunch sat better than its sister Tipsy Parson. Very cozy feel. Servers are great. We got there early had a couple drinks Bloody Mary mimosa tasty. Waited for friends they sat us by the window perfect. I had Biscuits & gravy, but honestly everything was great. Table had breakfast burrito, truckers & pig in a poke. I highly reccommend my new favorite brunch spot in the city. I can't wait to go back for dinner F-23 D-20 S-25, Cash only

Once again my fav restaurant of 2011 comes through again for an excellent 4-5 course Val Day Dinner. Ask for server Julio.  Wife & I started w/ Tuna app staple here & Striped bass 1st time was Excellent. 2nd Lobster & i had Langostine both Perf. Added a Pasta Very Good Not best I've had but was great. Entree Turbot tougher fish but VG & i had Halibut good Vension better last yr but still Great time Desserts VG.  Hands down best restaurant in NYC.

13.  LunaPiena

I normally don't go to restaurants 21 or below. My wife's Father works in the area and is a regular for lunch. I went with the in-laws a couple months ago & now has become our local Italian restaurant. They are very friendly staff. The portions are all large. The apps are good & pastas are definitely the highlight and why we keep going back.  You can go get a drink app and pasta tax and tip for 100 a couple good for NYC. The FOOD needs a bump 21

14.  Millesime

Don't Trust NYT. Place was a shit show Service is Bad went w/ wife & another couple Sat @ 8:30pm once sat down they forgot to even ask for drinks until 9pm then didn't take order till 9:15pm we timed didn't care had fun laugh how disorganized this place is. Once ordered food came quick. Salmon Tartare good. Lobster Pasta decent. Ladies ordered Tuna Steak good. I had Sea Bass good Not crispy skin as I like. But the sauces and selections were good. When your out in NYC and want to go to a a Frence brasserie go to Artisanal

Very Disappointed I just expected much more from Marc.  Last night w/ wife order tasting menu says it's an experience well for us not one to be remembered. Started strong, Hiramasa Tartare was the best thing we had all night. 2nd Oyster good. Unfortunately rest too much going on Halibut wife liked pers too strong sauce for a delicate fish. Venison/duck same prob. Last Cinnamon apple sundae & Pnut cake should be served @ 10yr bday party NOT in NYC

Went a couple Fridays ago w/ my wife very fun night out. We started w/ the Beet Salad & Spec Beet Soup never had before its was refreshing yet warm smooth soup to start out. Food came quick to don't worry get bread right away. Anyways we Shared the Gnocchi w/ braised Veal could of been Entree so Gd. Wife had Skate she Love it I had Veal Shank thought slightly overcooked. Overall Z-23 Recommended

Love this place been here dozens of times. Best combo is Spicy Pork Spicy Meat Sauce over Polenta. Went Fri Party of 5 got there 7:30pm 3 hr wait no joke. Drank next door finally got a table @ 10:30pm met the owners chill guys started w/ Spicy Pork Spicy Meat sauce staple. Fav Clas Beef w/ Creamy Parmesan over Polenta It was Perfect. Sad they have NO VEAL? & Spec Buffalo Chic Ball w/ Creamy Blue Cheese good concept although still ground chic Not best flavor.  Mostly Shared but friend had a Smash was tasty Overall Z-22 Go Late or expect to wait

You won't be blown away for the food. But for $35 three course ain't that bad & wine decent priced. I would stay away from the apps nothing special & soup & salad pretty boring. Although the Entrees are good. If I went back would just order some pizza & if your really hunger get a entree other than that sorry I live a block away I will stick to ordering delivery pizza the Polpetini is my Favorite.

Out of the new restaurants in the city Eataly, RiverPark i feel Osteria Morini wins casual, fun atmosphere, laid back, but attentive service w/ ur Grandma's cooking. Meatballs excellent & Pasta's Tortellini w/ duck liver sauce & Capellini stuffed w/ cheese in a Truffle sauce very rich & tasty. Would definitely come back for the meat for two plate. House Red great choice 34 for a Carafe. Great for date night or w/ friends F-23 D-20, S-21

Great place for date night or meet up with friends for pizza/pasta. Menu is simple with reasonable prices. If your a fan of al dente this is your spot. I like is cooked more, but the flavors were bold & fresh. We got there early went to the wine bar w/ lots of servers & space to enjoy a glass & or meet up before ur reservation. Close tab & have ur full party when your name comes out ur on ur way to 3 large dining rms that are loud, but fun times!

21.  Recette

Unfortunately, claim to be tapas yet menu make 0 sense. Overcharged Bites IMO be on the table as starters included. right side all small plates yet all different sizes no Flow to meal.  Thai Snapper Crudo best. 2nd Grilled Pulpo decent & Branzino Dry lacked Tomato Vinaigrette said to hav. Lobster Risotto undercooked no flavor & Spaghetti, Sweet Shrimp was Rancid sent back to Kitch Overall Z-21

1st off this is NOT a foodie heaven the people that have written Gd reviews here haven't been eating in NYC spending Money like Myself I wouldn't say it to brag just being honest. Cocktails were Garbage. Food average chicken Dry Meatballs over-cooked Service dysfunctional poor-management Overall HUGE disappointment Never go Back waste of time & money I would be embarrassed if I worked there. Waited 1hr for check I was let down by Marcus

23.  RiverPark

Went w/ my wife this past Friday night located in back lobby brand new building 29th off 1st ave. I say this b/c yes its confusing the first time. The drinks & wine list reasonable. Apps - Hamachi Crudo/Pomagrante taste great wish bigger portion. Pasta - Cavatelli cooked perfect but too much Mint over powered the dish my pers opinion. I'd been eyeing the Ribeye/Truffled Potatos for two all week & def the highlight of the meal. Would go back Z -23

24.  Travertine


Honestly I can't back up the other reviews we went had the Pasta tasting menu & some of the worst pasta I have ever ate in NYC. Service was pathetic I'm serious laughable. Try & be trendy fine but the Gnocchi tasted like tuna casserole not pork. The website is nice but everything else is just a show if anyone takes this place serious doesn't know quality food for the life of them F-18 D-20 S-12. Btw sit in the front its freezing. Overall Vbad

U want the feel of an upscale chain restaurant here u go. Been to alot of places in NYC it was Craft beer week give TG a shot. I would pass on by not worth the money. When u spend 120-150 much better choices. Anyway the apps are o.k. entries duck w/ beer pairing totally missed the mark. Halibut they call their staple unimpressive. The best was the dessert pairing so it ended well. When your server doesn't ask u how ur meal is forget it I'm not going back.

For a brunch spot a little Pricey. Sandwiches of any kind 14-17 on the side u get some shotty chips NOT worth it. Only if the Omelette, sandwich or burger was excellent & in this case went w/ 6 friends all from salad which was uneventful, burger look tired, mushroom brochie look good but tiny. My Pulled Pork messy bread feel apart wife had BLT best on the table. Coffee & Mac &cheese was very good. But for $27/person? Overall Z - 19 not going back


Tuttobene's Pizzeria

By far and away my favorite pizza near LIC where I live. Now if you live near me by the water. We have Bella Via Restaurant, San Remo Pizza, Testaccio, Manducatis Rustica, Masso, Juniors Cafe and lastly Food Cellar which imo is the best value in the neighborhood. As for quality I like Testaccio the best, but again a little more pricy then I would go w/ Bella Via. That said I am a pizza lover. I mean who isn't. My family is from Brooklyn. I grew up in VA and no good pizza to speak of there when I was growing up. I went to Syracuse University where I first had a true thin crust NY pie. Since, then I have eaten at about every NY pizzeria that in note worthy. Grimaldi's Artichoke pizzeria, Otto pizzeria, my favorite is Crunch on 2nd ave and 52nd street.

Anyways. I got home from out of town late Sunday night. We drive BQE through Greenpoint to LIC. We passed Tuttobene's, I called said we live right over the bridge would you please deliver us a half sausage half cheese pie w/ an order of buffalo wings. They thought about it then. Bam, they gave in to my charm and said they would be right over. Sorry, I have no pictures of this meal. My wife and I were starving and ate it for a late afternoon meal then finished it off for dinner. For $24 pie and wings that was a good deal. They came quick and was very good if not the best delivery pizza I've had in LIC over the last 10-12months. So, on Monday I decided to give it a shot again. I wanted to go for a walk. I mapped it out about a half a mile further then walking to Momo Ps1 or same distance to Citi building.

It was well worth it! I saw the guy making a white pizza w/ Ham looked so good I said "I'll have whatever that person ordered". I sat down nice server offered me a drink. The soda cans are only $1 and lunch specials for personal pies are $6.99 w/ $1 per topping. Ended up being the best damn $10 lunch I had in a while. I also ordered side of Balsamic Vinegar. I dip my pizza in it, goes great w/ White pie, trust me.

Couple things I do want to mention. Delivery not as good as when I sat down and ate it. So in the future if I am planning on driving by I will pick it up myself.

#2 place had some flys in there when I sat down. Which to some ppl can be annoying. it was quiet lots of orders being made and only 2 ppl in the place. I would just suggest to management try to keep it a little cleaner for those who want to sit down and relax to enjoy the meal. 

Il Mulino

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